Steve Milewski began learning the skills of the trade in high school back in the 80s It wasn’t many years after high school and learning from some of the best tradesmen in the industry in the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania he began to take on work for himself and start his own business on the weekends. In 2003 Steve decided to relocate his family from upstate Pennsylvania to Angier, NC area where he immediately began his own fulltime business. Not long after he established like many fathers do with their children He began to bring his young son Steven jr. on the weekends to work with him and during the summers to teach him the trades Not many years later after finishing high school he was made a full time employee due to the knowledge he had gained and the skills he had learned over those earlier years. Together the two have established a great customer base with many satisfied clients. Steve rewarded his son because of his hard work and made him a partner in the business and they became 2 S Remodeling.